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Estate Planning & Real Estate Attorney in Hastings, Michigan

For over 40 years, I have been helping my clients through their many, varied legal situations — from estate planning and business preparation to personal injuries and criminal defense. I have the experience and knowledge to move your case in the right direction. Don't wait to reach out for the legal guidance and support you need.

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Robert Byington ("Bob")

Robert Byington

Attorney at Law

Throughout my law career, I have made it my mission to provide individuals and businesses here in the Hasting, Michigan area with top-quality legal services in a wide range of legal matters. I enjoy working with clients to put sound financial plans in place for their estate and create a secure future for their loved ones. In addition to estate planning, I work with clients in a variety of cases, from real estate transactions and commercial litigation to personal injury claims and traffic violations. When you need legal representation you can feel confident about, I will be in your corner to guide you every step of the way. I will work together with you to find a strategy that suits your needs and helps you move toward a satisfying result.


What Does a Skilled Attorney Bring to Your Case?

Extensive Experience

With over four decades of practicing law under my belt, there isn't much I haven't seen or helped clients through. No matter what legal challenge you are confronted with, I will use the knowledge and insight I have accumulated over the years to put a plan in place to position and help you strive for a favorable outcome in your case and a satisfying future moving forward.

Compassionate Guidance

I firmly believe that educating my clients is a big part of my practice. The more my clients know about the legal process, and the more often they are updated on the details of their situation, the easier it is for them to make wise and informed decisions for their future. I will always work hard to hear your concerns, answer your questions, and explain every option available to you.

Unique Challenges Require Creative Solutions

Few legal matters are easy or uncomplicated. This is why it's always in your best interest to consult with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to gain clear direction for your case. For individuals and businesses in need of effective legal guidance in the Hastings, Michigan area, the Depot Law Office, PLC, is available to meet their needs.

For over 40 years, I have dedicated my law practice to giving not only sound legal advice but also personalized, compassionate service to my clients in their legal situations. When it comes to estate planning services — including probate & trust administration — I have the insight you need to put together a strong, detailed financial plan so that your family will have a stable and secure future.

When buying, selling, or leasing real estate property — for personal or professional purposes — having a seasoned real estate attorney to help you is a valuable asset. I will help you make sure all of your bases are covered as I guide you through the transaction process until the papers are signed and the deal is done.

For knowledgeable legal representation in estate planning, real estate law, business law, Social Security disability or personal injury claims, employment law, criminal cases, and more, you can count on me to take good care of you. If you are in the Hastings, Michigan area and you need the help of an attorney, contact me today at the Depot Law Office, PLC to schedule a consultation.