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Medicaid Planning Attorney in Hastings, MI

Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that provides health insurance coverage to low-income children, seniors and people with disabilities. Medicaid also covers care in a nursing home for those who qualify. In the absence of other public assistance covering long-term care, Medicaid has become the default nursing home insurance of the middle class. Depending on the state, nursing home residents generally do not have to sell their homes in order to qualify for Medicaid.

In some states, the home will not be considered a countable asset for Medicaid eligibility purposes as long as the nursing home resident intends to return home; in other states, the nursing home resident must prove a likelihood of returning home. In all states, the house may be kept if the Medicaid applicant's spouse or another dependent relative lives there.

We are aware of all of the rules and regulations regarding Medicaid and applicable Michigan and federal guidelines and can provide sound legal advice and planning strategies in this rapidly changing area of the law.

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